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The mixed media works in this series, entitled False Relations and Fractions, offer up an arrangement of incongruous image pairings and split second variations that layer cultural references, natural elements and imagined realities. Roofs of Toronto houses open up to reveal ephemeral hierarchies; output graphs from Ontario’s wind power facilities intertwine with musical notation spectrograms of Italian madrigals; and groupings of fragile objects invite closer inspection.

False Relations and Fractions was exhibited at Loop Gallery, Toronto, September 1 – 23, 2012.

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Artist member since 2018
Ester Pugliese
Toronto, Ontario
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False Relation 1: Actual Output
  • Avant-garde
  • Painting
  • Acrylic, chalk, conté, carbon, and chalkboard paint on panel
  • 24" x 24" x 1"


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